Host A Watch Party

Connect and lead others by hosting a Watch Party. 

You can help people in our church feel connected to other believers during this time when we are unable to worship as a large gathering. Pray about who you would invite to join you on Sunday for the live worship stream and then extend an invitation to your home. Let them know that you’re excited to spend time with them and you’d love for them to join you! 

Something along the lines of “We’re hosting a Community Church Watch Party this Sunday! Our family would love to invite you to come over for coffee and worship. Would you like to join us?”

Thank you for helping people stay connected in our church.

How to host a watch party? 

Before Service

Take a moment to describe what the service will be like - Laying out clear expectations helps people feel safe. For some, it will be natural for everyone to stand and raise their hands during worship! For others, it might be off-putting to someone who is less familiar with our worship environment for that expression yet, so inviting everyone to sit down and sing might be a better way to engage.


Begin worshipping on time, and make sure you allow the kids to join in! You may want to turn up the volume just a bit and give everyone space to spread out during worship so that everyone is comfortable singing.

During Service

Help everyone get situated and find a comfy seat during the welcome and engage with the remainder of the service!

Engage in the service in a similar way that you would attending a service at one of our physical campuses.

Follow along with the invitations during the service from the pastors - When they invite you to bow your heads, bow your heads! This will help break down the wall between entertainment and worship. Try to minimize distracting conversations, but feel free to engage with the message as you normally would in our building.


If children will be in attendance, make arrangements for it to be engaging for them as well. Inviting them to dance and sing in worship, asking them questions, reading a bible story to the younger kids, or playing our kidLife devotionals for them - These are a few ways you can make it fun and engaging for kids too!


At the conclusion of the service, ask if anyone needs prayer. If they do, pray for them!


Leave room for hanging out after service. People may get another cup of coffee or revisit the snacks—this is a great sign that they’re feeling connected and are enjoying your gathering.