VBS Goes West 2021

Yee Haw! It's time for VBS Goes West 2021!

VBS Goes West is for Kindergarten through 5th Graders at the Alma Campus July 26th-30th. Volunteer and children registration is now open via the link below! 

Alma Campus: 2550 W Cheesman Rd, Alma, MI

Drop off is at 5:45pm each day and pick up is at 8:30pm.

Sign up to Volunteer for Alma VBS 2021

Register Your Alma Campus K-5th Grader

Mount Pleasant Campus:

Thank you all for everyone who volunteered and made VBS at the Mount Pleasant Campus a major success!

VBS Goes West FAQ's:

What safety precautions will be taken at VBS? All kids snacks will be packaged individually. We also have a trained security and medical team on site. 

How does check-in work? During drop off time, we will be checking kids in outside. Kids will get a sticker name tag with a number and parents will get a parent pick up tag with the same number.  Parents must show the parent pick up tag (or a photo of the tag) when they pick their child up.