6th - 12th Grade

studentLife exists to lead students into a focused life with Jesus Christ by pouring into, equipping, and building up the next generation.
At studentLife our goal is to care for middle and high school students by providing a fun, safe, and engaging community where they can build lasting relationships, grow in their faith, and discover who God says they are and the purpose He has for them.

In light of the current public health situation, studentLife is launching this semester as an in-home small group ministry.

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StudentLife In-Home Small Groups

studentLife small groups meet on Sunday nights, from 6 - 7:30 PM in a number of homes all across our communities. We're even offering a couple virtual groups that meet online from 6-7 PM. Over the course of the evening students will get to know each other with an ice breaker, have a pre-packaged snack, play a game, watch an engaging video teaching, and have a great small group discussion.

We are asking our leaders to wear masks for the duration of the group, and encourage students to do so as well. Each studentLife group will have hand sanitizer and disposable masks on hand.

If your student isn't feeling well, we ask that you let their leaders know, and have your student take a week off from small group. In the event that someone in a group tests positive for COVID-19, we will put that group on hold for two weeks, with the option of going virtual, and encourage all members to follow Federal, State, and CDC guidelines.

If you have any questions, contact Jeff at .

Small group breakdown:
6:00 - 6:05 pm – Welcome students
     6:05 - 6:20 pm – Ice breaker & snack
     6:20 – 6:35 pm – Game or activity
     6:35 – 6:40 pm – Snack & bathroom break
     6:40 – 6:55 pm – Watch teaching
     6:55 – 7:30 pm – Small group discussion

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We Love Parents!

Here at studentLife, we fully believe that parents are the greatest influence on the spiritual development of their teens. As a result, it is our desire to partner with parents and provide them resources and opportunities for their students to encounter God in new and exciting ways.

As a parent, if you ever have a question about the ministry, an event, or series, please do not hesitate to contact Jeff Huisjen, director of StudentLife, at


We send out regular emails about what we are talking about on Sunday nights so parents can continue the conversation at home.  To ensure you stay up to date on our current series and upcoming dates, announcements, and trips, make sure you are signed up for our parent email list!

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If you would like to submit an online payment for an event your student is participating in OR you would like to make a donation to the ministry or sponsor a student to an event please follow the link below.

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Parents are also a huge part of keeping the ministry running. You can contribute in a variety of roles to fill a wide range of needs including, but not limited to:

  • Provide food or snacks for an event
  • Help support students financially on trips or retreats
  • Serve occasionally on a parents advisory team (allow Aaron to bounce ideas off you)
  • Cheerleader (encourage your student to jump into StudentLife events, talk about the ministry, etc.)
  • And much more! (insert your gift here…)

Contact Jeff at  to partner with studentLife!  Or click the link below to start the process.

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Here at Community Church we believe our junior and senior high students are not just the church of tomorrow, they are the church of today.  We desire to give our students an opportunity to discover a deepening personal relationship with Jesus Christ and connecting them to a greater church family here at Community Church.  As a result, CRAVE and ELEMENT have relevant, dynamic teaching that sometimes intersects with the same teaching series we have for our Sunday morning worship services for adults, all with a focus on student issues and maturity.

studentLife also has a Student Leadership Team that meets regularly on the 2nd Sunday of every month. This team is comprised of students who have a strong desire to shape the ministry of studentLife to be more effective, engaging, and beneficial. If this is something your student is interested in, contact Jeff at .

studentLife Leaders

At studentLife our desire is for students to find a welcoming community, knowledge of a God who loves them, and a practical foundation on how to live a Christian life.  This cannot happen without a dedicated team of adults who are interested in building relationships with students and pointing them towards Christ.

We are always on the look out for incredible leaders looking to join our fun team with an incredible purpose.  Joining the studentLife leadership team is a great opportunity to use your gifts and talents to care for students and give them a very real picture of God’s heart for their lives. Sometimes there is a misconception that to really make an impact in a student’s life you need to be a trained professional, but nothing could be further from the truth! Effective youth ministry is done by people who take the time to be a part of a student’s life; from old to young, cool to nerdy, trained or untrained. The only requirement is presence, empathy and a willingness to build up the next generation from within our community.

To get more information on how to plug in, email the Director of studentLife at .  Click the link below to fill out the leadership application!

studentLife Leader Application