Story Formed Way

What is THE MISSION? What is the mission that Jesus gave his Church?  The surprisingly simple answer is, “GO, make disciples!” Discipleship is the mission. There are lots of different experiences, teaching and events that are part of accomplishing this mission, but we could not miss the fact that making disciples was our primary mission.

We believe the use of stories and times of deep, shared interaction are a historically proven and powerful way of helping people on their discipleship journey. We live in stories. Stories are the language of our world. Stories speak to the mind, the body, the emotions–our spirits. In a story, we can identify with situations we have never been in. Our imagination can be unlocked to dream what before was unimaginable. Together we learn about life as we connect through stories.

We all yearn to know many of the same parts of the Story…

What happened before time began? How did all of this start?
Who or what created me!?
Why do I exist?
Does my life really matter, does it have meaning? To who?
What happens after I die?
Why is the world the way it is…? Things don’t seem to be going that well…

The Storyformed Way was created to be a starting point of discipleship. It is a 10 week journey through the Story with times of dialogue, interaction and reflection that serve as a foundation for new disciples (anyone you are in a relationship with) and gives more mature disciples an easy, reproducible method for introducing groups of people (or an individual) to the claims of Christ and what it means to be a disciple.

Channels of learning that will be introduced and reinforced throughout The Storyformed Way include:

• Creation
• The Nature of Sin
• Atonement
• Grace
• Faith
• Attributes of God
• The Holy Spirit—The Person and Work
• Jesus—The Person and Work
• Lordship of Christ
• The Trinity
• The Kingdom of God
• The Gospel
• Gospel Identity and Cultural Rhythms
• Community
• God's Election of the Saints
• Sonship (God as our Father)
• Stewardship
• Biblical Manhood / Womanhood
• Prayer
• Social Justice
• The Sovereignty of God
• Forgiveness and Guilt
• Evangelism
• End Times (Eschatology)

You can find everything you need to lead a group through the Story Formed Way in the following resources:


The Storyformed Way Leaders Guide

Begin with The Storyformed Way Leaders Guide. It includes a brief introduction and is a compilation of all the Leaders’ Notes and the Walking It Out handouts for all 10 weeks. Use this doc if you find it handy to have all this in one place.

Training Resource

Story of God Training is a great doc for learning more about why we use this form of teaching in making disciples and learning a bit on how to do it well. You gotta read this, especially if you have not experienced the Story of God or Storyformed Way personally.

Weekly Story Formed Way Resources

This zip file includes several files for each week including the Leaders’ Notes and Walking It Out handouts as separate files (the same content included in the Leaders Guide) plus a PowerPoint file and any other resources.

Leaders’ Notes: This file has the Story and dialogue questions along with some helpful notes for leaders.

Walking It Out: This is a handout to help everyone dig deeper into the Story during the week. Be sure to make enough copies…

PowerPoint Slides: Only very rarely would you need these. When using The Storyformed Way with a small group of people, showing PowerPoint slides feels far too formal. If you do use them, say with a large group, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the content, edit as you see fit and watch for any video clips or music you may need to queue up.

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