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Alan Cullen

Lead Pastor

Hello. My name is Alan Cullen. I was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, but I am now living in Mount Pleasant in recent years. I married the amazing and beautiful Kelly Cullen 20 years ago. We have three incredible children, Sean, Jack, and Sophie. ‘Chewy', our beloved and loud parakeet, has earned himself a mention in the family too!

I’ve had the honor of being in ministry for the last 23 years. After that much time, I'm still 'fired up' about local church leadership, preaching God’s Word to people, and worship. I'm so glad you are checking us out!

Complete transparency; I’m a bit of a Star Wars/Lord of the Rings nerd and I still enjoy playing and watching soccer (or better known as ‘football'). My role as a Pastor here at Community Church is a source of genuine joy and calling for me.