Group Resources

This page includes a variety of resources for group leaders as they disciple those in their community groups. 

Sunday Morning Engaged

Our groups have autonomy to focus their study on topics most applicable for the purpose of ongoing discipleship. About half our groups are fully sermon based, using the follow up questions on the bulletin each week. Other groups study everything from video and book studies, to particular bible studies.

All groups are engaged with the church sermon series. Whether they go all in on the 'going deeper' questions or just check in on what parts stuck out, our groups are aligned with where God is leading us a as a church. You can find the sermon from last Sunday here as well as a link to the questions on the bulletin.

Community Group Leadership Training

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RightNow Media

Many of our groups utilize a free resource the church provides called RightNow Media. It has over 10,000 video studies, many of which are tailored for groups. Visit the RightNow Media page for more information or to gain access. 

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Missional Focus

We ask that every group have a missional focus. That is an outward expression of the gospel as you work to follow Jesus together as a group.

The possibilities for a missional focus are endless. You may serve together in a local school, work on a local community project, or partner with a global mission initiative. On our Go Live It Out page, you can find some possibilities of where you can serve together as a group.

Go, Live It Out

Lead a Group

We are always on the look out for amazing Community Group Leaders.  If you enjoy connecting with people and providing a warm environment where others can learn to love and follow Jesus, this is the role for you.  We’ll provide all the training and resources you need.  To start the process of leading a group, click the button below!

Group Leader Sign Up

Discipleship Pathway

We’re running after a discipling culture—one that’s bursting with disciple-making disciples who know how to introduce people to Jesus, grow them in His maturity, and reveal the freedom He brings. A community group is a great way to get there. Our goal is that community groups will help create a movement of disciple- making disciples because they’ve been taught how to lead and reveal God’s grace and truth.

We've put together a resource to help you along the path.  When thinking about everything that would make someone into a disciple, the task can seem a little daunting. We've broken down some major components and split them into three parts.

  1. Gospel Fluency. Understanding and the ability to easily share the gospel is foundational to the life of every believer.
  2. The Story of God. How does your story fit into God’s story? The mission of God throughout history is broken down over 10 weeks.
  3. The Shapes. Practical and easy to remember ways of discussing and growing in the life of a disciple.

Discipleship Pathway Resources

Gospel Resources

Story Formed Way Resources