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kidLife Summer Sundays!

Many of our amazing volunteers take a much needed rest during the summer months, but kidLife goes on! We'll get you everything you need to be with kids on the day you volunteer! And we think you'll love it! 

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Encouraging kids to love Jesus and develop a life-long faith in God while encouraging families to grow together in faith.

kidLife lives out our mission from our littlest kids in the nursery all the way up to our 5th/6th grade kids in Bridge56. For more information about kidLife children’s ministries, please use our Contact Page. If you’re interested in helping out, please sign up at The Info Center to start the process of becoming a kidLife volunteer candidate.

Our children's ministry program on Sunday mornings is for Nursery through 6th grade. Nursery is birth to 19 months.  Toddlers is 19 months to 3 years old.  3’s is for 3 year old’s who are potty trained.  4’s & 5’s are for preschool aged kids and then each grade group Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th (Bridge56). Each child will check into their class or age group and participate in small group, large group, and worship at their level of understanding and development.

kidLife meets every Sunday at the 8:30 am, 10:15 am and 12:00 pm (noon) services.  Kids are greeted by loving volunteers and have some time to connect to their leaders and others their age.  The kids then head to “large group” time where they will worship and learn the Bible truths in fun creative ways.  Following the Bible story, kids will head back to their rooms for “small group” time where they will spend more time digging deeper into the Bible truths they have just learned.  We value providing an atmosphere for kids that is child-centered, small group focused, fun and safe!

Our children's ministry is secured by a check-in and check-out system. Each Sunday, please arrive 15-20 minutes early to check in your children at one of our kidLife computers. These computers can be found at our kidLife entrance or in the green kidLife area in the Lobby. You and your child will receive a sticker with matching numbers. Please place each sticker on you and your child as this is your pass into our secure kidLife hallways. You will need this sticker to pick up your child from their class after service. 

We believe that two influences combined have greater impact than either influence could alone.  That’s why at our church we love the color “orange” and use the Orange Curriculum.  When we combine the light of the church (yellow) that’s us, and the love of the family (red) that’s you; we get a stronger more vibrant color – orange!

We will partner with you to help your kids:

  • See God for who He is
  • See themselves the way God does
  • Love others the way He does

We believe in large group experiences that will captivate your kid’s attention and teach them more about God and His story.  We also believe in small group environments where your kids can connect with the same leader and the same kids weekly and build friendships they can trust.  We also provide materials (called “Parent Cues” ) that offer different ways for parents to use key times in your day; like mealtime, driving, bedtime or when you are hanging out, to remind your kids about what they are learning about God and talk it over.  There is even an iPhone/Android app called “Parent Cue” that can help you!

We have other ways  your kids can get more involved such as:  Vacation Bible School, Family Christmas Eve Service, Palm Sunday Sing, Bridge 56 Events, and Family Fun Nights.

These are just a few reasons why you and your kids will find that Community Church is a great place to belong.  Come visit us, experience it for yourself, and find out more.




VolunteerKidsChildren's Ministry

kidLife volunteers are the amazing people that spend each Sunday morning taking the truths of God and connecting that truth to our children.


Amy Durfee
Director of kidLife Ministries, Women's Ministry Liaison
Nancy Reighard
kidLife Early Childhood Coordinator, Women's Ministry Liaison
Holly Knudson
kidLife Late Childhood Coordinator, Front Office Assistant