The Gospel

What is the basic message of Christianity?

The Gospel Message

An understanding of as well as the ability to easily share the gospel is foundational to the life of every follower of Jesus Christ.  Watch this video with Pastor Alan which outlines the basic Christian message.

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The Discipleship Guide

Share Your Two Word Story

Your story is significant! It’s unique to you and speaks of what has brought you to where you are today. In addition, your story has the ability to speak of God working in your life. A two-word story, or two-word testimony, can be told anywhere, any time, and it’s easy to remember!

Your story is also an effective way to share the gospel. No one can question its authenticity because it’s your story… written, qualified, and told by you. It includes your journey coming to Christ and how others can also come to Christ.

How can you craft your personal story beginning with only two words?! It’s easy.

Choose your FIRST WORD to describe your life, feelings, situation, thoughts, etc. before you placed your faith in Christ. 

Consider these words to get your mind working:  Angry, Independent, Manipulative, Miserable, Hopeless, Empty, Addicted, Aimless, Restless, Striving, Confused, Insecure
, Lost

Next select a SECOND WORD to describe your life, feelings, situation, thoughts, etc. now that you have placed your faith in Christ. 

Consider these:  Approachable, Peaceful, Generous, Loving, Brave, Caring, Teacher Mentor, Servant, Elder, Hopeful, Compassionate, Confident

Once you have your two words, you’re ready to come up with one to two sentences for each word. Simply provide a brief explanation of how each word relates to your story.

Here is an example based on the video above: Uncertain | Assured

Although I believed in the existence of a God and even knew the story of Jesus, I didn’t fully understand how it all fit together. I was uncertain about the nature and character of Jesus as God and how He had provided a way for me to be reconciled to the very Creator of the universe!

Now I am assured that through trusting in Jesus Christ for salvation, I have an unbroken relationship with the very God who created the universe and everything in it. This relationship is for eternity, and my life with Him will not end when my time on earth does.

2 words
1-2 sentences per word…
Incredible power in your story….

Here are some additional examples of two word stories:

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Share Your Story

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