If you’re here, you’ve likely said “yes” to being a leader at Community Church. Perhaps you are leading a community group or you simply want to help others discover how to follow Christ—regardless of the reason, this is cause for celebration. Your willingness to push the discipling culture forward in our community will change the spiritual trajectory of many, many lives. Believe that? It’s true. Think ripple effect, dominos, and a great Jesus groundswell.  You can be a disciple who makes disciples! And we want to equip you!

Why Disciple Others?

We’re running after a discipling culture—one that’s bursting with disciple-making disciples who know how to introduce people to Jesus, grow them in his maturity, and reveal the freedom he brings. A community group is a great way to get there. Our goal is that community groups will help create a movement of disciple- making disciples because they’ve been taught how to lead and reveal God’s grace and truth.

Here’s a guide.

Download the Discipleship Guide


We've put together a resource to help you along the path.  When thinking about everything that would make someone into a disciple, the task can seem a little daunting. We've broken down some major components and split them into three parts.

1. Gospel Fluency. Understanding and the ability to easily share the gospel is foundational to the life of every believer.

2. The Story of God. How does your story fit into God’s story? The mission of God throughout history is broken down over 10 weeks.

3. The Shapes. Practical and easy to remember ways of discussing and growing in the life of a disciple.

There is freedom in how to tackle the material with your group. Assess the needs of those you are discipling and tackle the material systematically. If you need help, reach out to us and we'd love to give you some guidance. Beyond that, just start!

A Discipling Culture

An ever-expanding community where many who have been trained in the character and competency of Jesus train others who train others. Pursuing a life that looks like Jesus is a common goal. It’s sought after above and beyond any other cultural expectations or interests. It leads to thousands of seekers becoming disciples growing in his likeness.

What if Central Michigan gets overrun by people who live like Jesus, and are equipped to help others live the same way? What could we do? What couldn’t we do?

“For the creation waits in eager anticipation for the children of God to be revealed.” Romans 8:19-21

What makes a Good Discipler?

By nature, discipling someone implies you have more knowledge and training than they do. In the regular world, that generally gives you grounds for bossing someone around. In the Kingdom, we’re actually to think of ourselves as servants.

As a discipler, your goal is to empower the people you lead to be more prayerful, more anointed, more skilled, and greater in the Kingdom than you are. The ambition to create a whole bunch of people who will outrank you is one of humility. This journey is between your participants and God—you’re just the fortunate assistant to that process.

You’re also like a big brother/sister type; they need to hear from you. They need your leadership.

What’s a Good Disciple?

A disciple looks like Jesus in both character and competence. The way He acted, we’re acting. The way He loved, we love. The way He brought freedom, we do, too.

Looking like Jesus in character means considering how we treat others, how we live when no one’s looking, and prioritizing the things he prioritized like maturity, rest, holiness, family, community, generosity and mission. We’ll know this is happening by the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

A good disciple is rooted in relationship: with God, ourselves, others and Creation.

Download the Discipleship Guide

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Portions of these resources adapted by Community Church from © 2009 3DMinistries Int, LLC and The Huddle Leader’s Guide. Crossroads Church: crossroads.net.