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Going Solo | Community Group

Leader: Amy Durfee

When: Tuesday After Work

Where: Broomfield Mountpleasant, MI 48858

Status: Open

Childcare: No

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Have you come church on a Sunday alone and looked at the couple in front of you with envy? Or have you thought that you are the only one whose spouse doesn't come to church? I know I have on many occasions. That's what Going Solo is all about - we are a group of people who are in similar situations. Though there are many reasons someone may be going to church alone, in this group you are not alone. Here we can share experiences, advice, support, grow in faith together, pray for one another etc... During the first semester we will be reading the book Going Solo, by Fiona Joy, an amazing book about one woman's experience of going to church alone and how it affected her marriage, faith, and life. Can't wait see you all Tuesday, October 15, at 6:30pm. Just because you technically come alone doesn't mean you have to feel alone, because here we are family! Holly Lueders, group co-leader