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The Old Rugged Cross

by Wally Hostetter on August 18, 2016

The empty Cross is a historic symbol of the Christian faith. It signifies the form of death our Savior, Jesus Christ, suffered on our behalf. Its place in the Church has long been honored.

We love the cross! We love the one who was on that Cross. We embrace what He accomplished through His work on that cursed piece of wood. Each time we enter our church the cross serves to visibly remind us of His finished work.

The cross is visible during the worship services at Community Church in a new location, moveable on and off the stage. It’s symbolism remains the same as does our commitment to what it means in our hearts.

It was out of sight for two weeks. That’s because the old one, no longer safe to hang from our ceiling, was being replaced by a new one specifically designed for our use. We appreciate all of you who cherish the Old Rugged Cross.  We are excited to have a new one that will symbolize grace and mercy for many years to come.

Special thanks: 

  • Steve Weber and Weber Brother Sawmill for lumber donations
  • Dan Sheahan for fabricating the steel base
  • Rick Barz & Terry Bond for construction of the cross.