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The God of Wonder

by Wally Hostetter on June 29, 2018

Have you ever wondered why things happen the way they do?  I met him at Denny’s just off one of the major roads in the suburbs of Detroit. The year was 2002. He wanted help in his ministry that I could not offer. Later that same day I told my wife about our meeting. She said, “I can help him!” God moves in mysterious ways. Through her commitment, we both ended up being involved in his ministry for a number of years.  Those years provided me the opportunity to deepen a relationship with him in Christ. God was performing His wonder far beyond my thoughts or imagination.

The clock moves forward. God continues to be the God of Wonder. After a few years with our relationship on pause, God put us back together. Different this time than before. It was as though no time had passed between us. Our friendship continued to grow as did our trust and respect.

God is not simply The God of Wonder, He makes us wonder at His marvelous plan and marvel at its complexity and unknowability. When the breakfast arrived that morning at Denny’s, we had no idea our paths would ever cross again, but God did!  God’s unknowable will was exercised on our lives for our good and His glory on that day.  I did not know him before our meeting. My wife had filled a vacant teaching position in a Christian school in another suburb of Detroit for one year. During that time she became friends with the principle of the school. Years passed. He started a church. He hired my breakfast guest.  More years passed. He shared my name as one who could help this man and his fledgling ministry. Just think, if the woman who left her teaching position had not made the way for my wife to fill her spot, I would have missed Denny’s Grand Slam, and I would have missed one of the most important meetings God every planned. What a marvelous God of Wonder we serve.

An eight year gap of friendship did nothing to lessen the relationship. I went the way God called and so did he. But God was not through. He has promised to complete that which He begins in our lives for His own glory. An email, a phone call, and much prayer found me in a new calling from God. Four months after beginning in this exciting ministry at Mount Pleasant Community Church, God changed the terms of the call. I wondered why. Now I know.

Long ago, God told us that our lives would be like a large puzzle. He said that the edge pieces would be easy to connect. This would give us the perimeter of our life’s playing surface. But, all the pieces that make up the middle and finish the puzzle will be unrecognizable by us until after He connects them and reveals the new, completed portion to us.

Fifteen months later, another section of the puzzle came together. Amazingly, my God of Wonder reconnected me with my friend of now sixteen years. Only God could know what would be needed so far in advance to accomplish His purpose. Only God could bring all things together and cause every connection necessary to be made in His perfect timing.  He truly is The God of Wonder.

Now, everyday I rejoice in my Wonderful God as I come to the church early knowing that within an hour or two, my good friend over all these years, my brother in Christ, will be there to serve with me for the third segment of our relationship.

Only The God of Wonder could accomplish bringing him back into my life. Neither of us could ever have planned it or made it so.  Today, I thank the Lord Jesus and I look forward to another day serving God’s purpose with my co-laborer in the Lord, Pastor Alan Cullen.