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Take My Advice

by Wally Hostetter on April 24, 2019

Advice is usually free. It’s someone else’s opinion regarding your question. Sometimes advice is not free. A “consultant” is hired to give an opinion supposedly based on experience, research and compliments from others to whom the same opinion has been given. 

Whether it’s free or has a dollar sign attached, once in a while, advice is really, really bad.

My brother built the tree house when he was twelve. It wasn’t really a “house”. It was four planks nailed between two limbs about twelve feet off the ground. He was very proud of his tree house. After it was completed, he offered me the opportunity to be the very first person to actually climb the tree and sit on the boards.  I still remember his words, “It’ll be ok. It’s safe. I tested it.”  I was six years old, and very impressionable, especially when it came to my big brother. He loved me and I trusted him.

It wasn’t the twelve foot fall that hurt. It was the landing. Climbing the tree was easy for a thin, well conditioned six year old. Once I arrived at the platform, I twisted my body and plopped it down right on top of his boards. I really didn’t have time to prepare for the sudden drop that immediately followed my “plopping” action. My body contorted as I fell and I landed on my right wrist two feet from my brother. He was laughing. I was crying.

That summer I learned two things. Having a cast for six weeks keeps one out of the pool and all the other fun things offered to a six year old. More than that, I learned that trusting someone’s advice is dangerous. You just never know if it will be good or bad advice.

Unless that advice is coming from The Word of God. The Bible is filled only with good advice. His Word is the best place to seek the advice needed, regardless of the situation. Jesus’ love is perfect. He desires that we grow in our character to be more like Him. He will never advise you to do anything against His will.  

When I remember my brother’s great adventure of so long ago, and the bad advice he gave me, I’m grateful of the Scripture that says Jesus is closer than a brother. I’ll seek His wisdom first, then I’ll call my brother.

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