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studentLife Blog: Making Room for God - Week 3: Prayer

by Wally Hostetter on March 03, 2021

Steve sat to the right of me in the fifth grade. Wayne was behind me. On my left side was Billy. The four of us were constantly getting into trouble. We liked to talk to each other. What could be wrong with four guys who played sports together and spent all of our “not at school time” running around town, talking in class? Our teacher didn’t see it our way. She was a very strict teacher. Starring down on us, with a book in her hand, she would say, “You boys be quiet. No more talking. I don’t want to hear anymore words come from your mouths.” If you have something else to say, raise your hand.” Then she would add this short statement, “I will pray
for each one of you!”

Now, here was my problem with her words. We were not allowed to talk unless we raised our hands. But, she could talk to us and pray for us. What good would prayer do? The years have passed rapidly since then, and I recall that memory for the following reason.

God is greater than any teacher I have ever had. Oddly enough, He does not make me raise my hand to talk to him. Yet, He has promised to pray for me. And, this is what is so unique, He asks me to talk to Him. He wants to have conversations with me throughout each day. You see, He has all the answers to all my questions. God wants to download those into my heart and my brain so that I will love Him more and listen to what He has to say.

We call that prayer. Did you know that you can pray anytime, anywhere, with your eyes open or closed? Did you also know that whatever you ask according to what God says in the Bible, He will answer. He doesn’t always answer the exact way you want, but He answers the way that helps you the most.

What’s going on in your life right now? Do you have things that are difficult for you at home, or in school, or with friends? Why don’t you make a list and then, throughout your day, stop and pray about those things. God is listening. Don’t raise your hand, raise your voice. He loves it when His children pray to Him. It will be like talking to your best friend in school.