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studentLife Blog: God is _______. - Week 9

by Holly Knudson on July 28, 2021

God is the reason.

Throughout my journey as a Christian and follower of Jesus Christ, I have made and will
continue to make decisions to: pull-away, push-back, jump-in, wait, divert, dodge, celebrate,
hold-in, hold-back, push-through, step-forward, step-back, run-away, run-to, soak-in and soak-
up. And all of these endless, countless decisions are made, and will simply be made, for one
reason, and one reason only. God. God is THE REASON.

God is the reason that I would jump, when all logic says ‘it’s not safe”. God is the reason I would
wait, when the world encourages me to “seize the moment”. God is the reason I would press-
forward, when society warns me to “stay quiet”. God is the reason I would celebrate, when
circumstances tell me to “be sad”. God is the reason I would hold-back, when justice screams to
“get even”. God is the reason I would run-away, when temptation calls me to “just try”. God is
the reason I would step-aside, when money is begging me to ‘go for it’. God is the reason I
would run-to, when the norm pleads for me to “take care of myself”.

God is THE Reason why so many of my decisions actually don’t make that much sense to the
world. To obey whatever God calls me to and calls me through is simply an act of trust and faith
that goes beyond all understanding, and norms, and rationale. The call from God might not
make sense, and I might not ever find out what the call is all about, and actually, I might be
judged, shamed, ridiculed, or even gossiped about because of it. And every single time I feel the
Lord calling me to do something hard that goes against all the worldly and social norms, I feel
this pull within me to do the opposite of what He’s asking me to do for fear of looking silly or
foolish or even crazy. I wrestle between the temptation of wanting to be a people-pleaser over
a God-pleaser. I think, “maybe I heard wrong”, “maybe God actually isn’t calling me but
someone else”, “maybe if I wait long enough, the call will go away.” But what it boils down to
every-single-stinkin’-time, is that I get to this point where I know deep down to my soul that, “If
I don’t do this, I’m being disobedient to the Lord.” And that’s it. That’s enough for me. That’s all
it takes for me to finally obey, because when I know that God is calling me to it, then I know He
will give me the courage, the confidence and the strength to help me through it. And if God is
calling me to it, then why would I ever want to pass up on an opportunity to be used by God for
His Glory?! God is The Reason that I do the things that I never would have had the power,
strength or confidence to do on my own. At times, God is the ONLY Reason. But until forever,
He will always be my BEST Reason, and that is enough for me.