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studentLife Blog: God is _______. - Week 8

by Alan Cullen on July 21, 2021

God is 'not what you’d think'.

So… I’ve been reading the Bible for several decades now (I’m not old, I’m nicely mature!). And every now and again I bump into some little verse or some story that really causes me to scratch my head. “I don’t understand this God, why would you do that, why would you say that…”

Like in Exodus when he sends ‘nobody Moses’ to the most powerful man on the planet (Pharaoh) and tells him to let the people of Israel out of slavery so they can go home once again. That’s good, right? I like what God is up to. But then there’s this crazy little comment. God actually “hardens Pharaoh’s heart” and Pharaoh says “no”! Why would you do that God? Why would you send Moses to help set these people free from slavery and then harden Pharaoh’s heart? Well, the answer to that is very interesting, but it’s for another time. My point is ‘God is not what you think’.

There’s this one time God heals a man who is blind. He puts mud and his own spit and smears it on his eyes. First of all… ‘Eeew'. Secondly, that’s weird God! Why not just heal him with a word! Another time Jesus has been beaten and whipped, He’s standing in front of his accusers and they give him the opportunity to say something to defend himself. But He doesn’t. He doesn’t say a Word… nothing! I don’t get it God! I’d say something. Why would you do that? What kind of plan is this?

You see, there’s tons of occasion in the Bible, where God does stuff and I think His plan is terrible. I’d never do things that way. Sometimes, it seems as though God makes things harder. Sometimes, God accomplishes what he wants, but it takes Him FOREVER. “Why the delay God? You’re God, you could hurry this up, if you wanted to. I would, if I had your power.”

Here’s my point. I actually like that God is not what you’d think. Because if I could create the perfect God, if I could shape him, make Him, cause Him to be a certain way or think more like I do… he would cease to be God and He’d become a reflection of me! I don’t get to make God. I don’t get to form Him into my image. In fact, I think it’s a very strong argument for Gods actual existence. If you wanted to write a book to fool the whole world into believing in some comic being of some kind, you’d never craft him they way He is in the scripture. There's so many crazy, mysterious, unusual things that God does and says, there’s simply no way the God of the Bible could ever be ‘made up’ or imagined by a person. Because no one would ever make Him that way. No way.

He’s God. Like it or lump it. He doesn’t answer to me or you. He is the way He is. And the Bible says that He is a glorious and perfect and holy. As for me, I’ll keep scratching my head every now and again, but when I do, I’ll be glad, because I’ll know… God is not what you’d think. Nevertheless, He is God.

Lots of love students,

Pastor Alan