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studentLife Blog: God is _______. - Week 14

by Courtney Wickes on September 01, 2021

God is Accessible.

It is possible that your first thought when reading the three words above had something to do with the resurrection of Jesus. Praise God for this wonderful gift but....That is not what I want to focus on right now. What I want to focus on, or should I say "tune into", is the fact that God is active and accessible.

"The kingdom of God is like a radio station." This is quoted from a favorite speaker of mine named Bob Hamp. He continues saying, "a radio station resides somewhere further away but it broadcasts throughout its entire area. So what that means is that the radio station is in the room right now. It's in you, around you, it's everywhere. Do we ever doubt it's not there? No, of course not! We have lived in a world with radio long enough we know it is there… But, in order to hear it we have to turn on our receiver, tune into the station, and turn up the volume. If there is no receiver present then the radio station cannot be heard even though it is accessible… the kingdom of God is like that.”

This parable gave me an “aha!” moment to understand that God is accessible, active and present, just like a radio station. Even though God is easily accessible and abiding with us, how often do we turn our attention and seek to hear His voice? Another way to ask it: When you first wake-up in the morning, what do you seek first? We may choose many other things before connecting to God (the source of life), such as our phones, the snooze button, Instagram, coffee, etc. In moderation, these things are not bad.. But are they stopping you or distracting you from tuning-in to that source of life? God is omnipresent, which means he is present everywhere, always. We can take this presence for granted, ignore it or we could tune-in and broadcast to those around us!

One of my favorite questions to ask God is, “What are you doing today and how can I be a part of it?” Jesus came to do for us what we cannot do for ourselves. We are doing things FROM Him, not FOR Him… which means we need to connect to the source of life in order to serve and strive for God’s will. God created you to be a receiver. So, Plug-in: to the source of life! Turn-on: and seek first the kingdom of God, and Tune-in: to what God is doing today, and ask how you can be a part of it.

The kingdom of God is like a radio station. We may not be able to see it but it is always there. Once we tune-in we receive God’s love, promises and influence so then we can Turn-up the volume and be the broadcast to others.

"Peace I leave with you, my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Take heart and do not be afraid." -John 14:27. This verse contains a wonderful promise that through Jesus' death we have the Holy Spirit who will serve as our teacher and compass as we tune-in and broadcast God's word and life. I delight and take comfort knowing that our Savior Jesus, is with us always, even to the end of the age. (Matt 28:29)