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studentLife Blog: God is _______. - Week 13

by Molly Slusher on August 26, 2021

God is Light.

When I was a little girl I was terrified of the dark. I would leave my light on during the night to make sure there was no dark around. I would turn off the light in my basement and sprint up the stairs so fast I was out of breath when I reached the top. Being in the dark was the worst thing in the world to me. I remember this one time I was in the bathroom and the automatic lights had shut off on me. I screamed and screamed until someone came to find me and turn on the light so I could feel safe again.

Darkness is a word that means many different things. It’s defined as the absence of light or something evil, something nobody wants to be in. Maybe darkness to you is your lightbulb burning out and there’s no light in the room. Maybe there’s no sunlight outside. Maybe your darkness is something else like hurt or depression. Darkness is anything that surrounds you and makes you feel closed in. But something that defeats darkness is light.

When I think of the word light, I usually think of something that is bright and that is all around. It’s something that surrounds us. It even can make you joyful and make you feel safe.
These feelings you have in the light is exactly how God wants you to feel when you are in Him. He wants you to feel safe and happy with Him. He wants you to know He is surrounding you in love. Just like how the light is.

God wants you to come to Him in your darkness, no matter what it is. In 1 John 1:5 it says, “... God is light; in him there is no darkness at all.” John wrote this letter to his readers to remind them that with God there is no darkness. With God there is no hurt, no pain, no need to run up the stairs and be out of breath at the top, and most of all no sin. Because when you are with God and in Him, walking with Him, reading His word, praying to Him, His light will shine all around you and within you wherever you go.

The darkness can be scary. It can be overwhelming. But when you have the light in you and around you there is nothing to be afraid of. So when the darkness starts to set in, all you need to do is turn on the light.