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Setting Sail

by Wally Hostetter on May 03, 2019

It was a beautiful summer day.  Linda and I took our time preparing the girls for an all day outing with other staff members of our church. We were headed to Orchard Lake which was about thirty-five minutes from our home.  Excitement was in the air as the girls loaded the car with inner tubes and sand toys, towels and suntan lotion. 

Arriving at the parking lot just off Pontiac Trail and Orchard Lake Road, we unloaded the car and greeted our friends. One of them said to me, “Why don’t you get one of the small sailboats and take your family out?”  I loved the idea. Linda and I had sailed with a friend on a Catamaran in Miami years ago. 

I selected a really nice sailboat that would allow the entire family room enough to sail into the sea!  We set sail, the captain and crew. Once I cleared the shallow water, we began to tack back and forth across the lake. It was lots of fun. But then, when I tried to guide us back to shore, I could not make it work. I first moved the sail from right to left hitting one of my daughters in the head!  Then I jumped out of the boat and tried all I could to push us toward the beach. Nothing worked. We were drifting further and further from humanity.

As if on cue, a man with a Jet Ski, saw me in distress and came to our aid. He attached a line from the front of the sailboat to his ski and pulled us to shore.  

The kids were very thankful to be off that sailboat. They ran to their toys and towels while I climbed out of the boat and put it back in the rental rack. The attendant came up to me and said, “I tried to get your attention before you left. You forgot your dagger board.” I replied, “Oh, yea, I didn’t think I would need it.”  

He looked at me and said, “Without a dagger board you cannot steer the sailboat. You will only drift from side to side.”

Lesson learned. Without the powerful Word of God to steer your course through the waters of life, you will simply drift from side to side and never advance victoriously in life.  He is your dagger board. He is the One who will set your course from which you will never drift away.

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