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I've Got This

by Wally Hostetter on March 27, 2018

Someone recently told me a story about an athlete who thought she could make the Olympics. Unfortunately, the tryouts were only three months away and no-one believed she could be ready. Her coaches had determined that four years from now would be just fine.

She decided to compete in some of the preliminary meets for the upcoming Olympics. Rising high above the mountains in the chairlift, she began to doubt. She doubted her abilities and her future. At the top of the mountain, taking her spot in the gate, doubt returned. It overwhelmed her. She stepped away, removed the skis and walked to an isolated spot. Looking at the mountain that challenged her and presented doubt, she said, “I’ve got this. This is my day.” The more she said it, the more she believed it. Reentering the starting gate, she said it again and off she went to victory. So great were her victories over the next few weeks that she made the Olympic team. Not the one four years later, but the one that had been just around the corner.

He stood in the garden, His body pores releasing droplets of blood. Jesus saw the mountain before Him. The arrest, the beatings, the mock trial, the crucifixion, the separation from His Father, and the burial. The most horrific weekend a person could face. He did it all willingly. He did it all obediently.

Then, on that early Sunday morning, He rose victorious! Death and Satan and the penalty for sin were all overcome by Jesus Christ’s resurrection.

Now, when I face moments of doubt, I take off my shoes. I enter holy ground, and I say solely because of His victory, “I’ve got this. This is my day!” Every day in Him is my day of victory.

He is the Resurrected King and He is resurrecting me.

Have a blessed Easter,
Pastor Wally