Our campus in Alma, MI meets at 10:30 am on Sundays at Central Michigan Youth for Christ. 

Community Church is one church in two locations.

Community Church: Alma looks and feels like Community Church: Mount Pleasant including live worship, video streamed preaching from the teaching team, and dynamic kidLife experiences. We are in an agreement with Central Michigan Youth For Christ in Alma to lease their facilities on Sundays for a worship experience for all ages.

This campus is an opportunity for the gospel to be shared with individuals and families in Gratiot County!

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Alma Campus FAQ

Why open a new location in alma?

Our research has shown that there is a unique opportunity for a church like ours in Gratiot County. There are thousands of people in Alma and the surrounding cities who are not currently plugged into a church community. There are also over 300 families who already regularly attend the Mount Pleasant Campus from Gratiot County.

When will the campus launch?

The new campus in Alma, MI will launch on January 5, 2020 at 10:30 am.

Where will the new campus be located? 

We have entered into a three-year lease agreement to use Central Michigan Youth for Christ's building at 2550 W Cheesman Rd in Alma, MI. This arrangement will be for hosting Sunday morning church services. Our intention is to immediately begin planning for a permanent location.

What can I expect at the new campus? 

Community Church in Alma will look and feel like Community Church in Mount Pleasant as much as possible. There will be live worship and amazing ministry for children. There will also be opportunities to connect and grow together. The messages will be broadcast from Mount Pleasant in a high quality format.

Was this a quick decision?

Since early 2018, our leadership team has prayed and considered this opportunity very carefully. We have been in conversation with consultants and have studied the demographics of Gratiot County. We are trusting in God for a strong response to our launch to reach new people in the area surrounding Alma, MI.

How can I be involved?

First, please be in prayer as we cast vision and launch this exciting new initiative. Second, if you choose to attend, we will need ‘all hands on deck’ to serve and support all Sunday morning ministries.

How will the facility at CMYFC be used?

We will have dedicated space for infant through 6th grade as well as a main auditorium for adult worship services. We will set up and take down equipment and supplies needed for worship each Sunday morning. Throughout the week, we will also have some office space available to help meet the needs of the congregation.

What is the role of the Campus Pastor?

The Campus Pastor will facilitate and lead all Sunday morning ministry as well as shepherding the church family who meet in Alma. Aaron Mora was called as the Campus Pastor in April 2019.

Will there be a youth ministry at this location?

As God grows this particular campus, we will be making preparations for a time when a youth ministry can launch. At present, our youth ministry will continue to operate from the Mount Pleasant campus.

What staff will be hired in the future at the new campus?

Beyond the Campus Pastor, we plan on hiring a worship/tech position as well as a children’s ministry position.

Will the Alma campus be dependant on its own financial support?

We will be operating with a single budget for both campuses.