Together on purpose. That vision may never have been more important than it has been throughout 2021. No doubt, this past year has been one that has left an impact on all of us. However, through all the strife, uncertainty, and anxiety, the message of Jesus Christ has had opportunities to shine brighter, bolder and stronger.

For Community Church, our commitment to advance the Gospel never took a break or a pause. Through your generosity and commitment to the God-sized vision of ADVANCE, together we launched a campus, funded ministry, provided support and most importantly, embraced opportunities to share the message of the hope we have in Jesus in familiar as well as creative ways.

ADVANCE is a step into a deeper relationship with our Lord and Savior. It is our hope that you will encounter Him in a new and challenging way, and hear when He places before you an opportunity to show your love through generosity. 

We want to be the Church. We are not spiritual spectators; we are spiritual contributors. We are convinced that every follower of Christ is called to serve the Savior who was crucified.

God is calling us to live together on purpose, empowered by His spirit. Let’s continue to press on, to keep taking ground for the Kingdom and ADVANCE!

Help us accomplish this mission.

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  2020 Update ADVANCE Guidebook Watch the ADVANCE Sermon Series

Advance entails three parts: 

Continuing to Advance the ministry of the Alma Campus

  • We successfully launched the Alma campus on January 5, 2020, including outfitting the new campus and purchasing equipment. 
  • Continue to fund all programming, staffing and Pastoral needs for Sunday morning worship, including children's ministry, at the Alma campus for the next year. 
  • Set the groundwork for a permanent location in Alma. 
  • Lead more people in Gratiot County into a focused life with Jesus Christ. 

Financial Goal: $2.929 Million 

Advance the expansion of ministry in Mount Pleasant

  • Fund the continuation and growth of ministry to children, students, young adults, widows and groups, as well as our Sunday worship and preaching. 
  • Launch a Christ-centered 12 step ministry program for addiction recovery in our community. 
  • Update and refurbish sections of the facility for future ministry.
  • Reach an increasing number of families in Isabella County and the surrounding area. 

Financial Goal: $3.347 Million  

Advancing the gospel through 4:18 Initiative 

  • Identify and expand local church partnerships in Central Michigan in both Isabella and Gratiot County. 
  • Expand benevolence and tangible care into the context of urgent and crisis situations for people in our communities.
  • Increase support for global partnerships.
  • Establish funding for Community Groups to reach out through external, tangible expressions of the Gospel in their communities. 
  • We lifted the burden and stress of unpayable medical debt for individuals and families in and around Central Michigan, paying off nearly $2 million dollars worth of medical debt.

Financial Goal: $724,000